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Expect Excellence

Clock ticking? Been let down? Leave it with us.

We're often called in at the eleventh hour. Or when people want to be sure they’re getting the best from the outset.

Whether it's Friday afternoon and you need someone to start on Monday morning, or you've got more time but are struggling to find the right person, we'll make it happen.

Weekends will be cancelled and bedtime stories will be missed. But we'll find you the very best quality candidates. We don't stop until we do.

Job-driven recruitment. Doesn’t everyone do that?

Many agencies do the opposite. They find jobs for people, rather than the right person for your job. You might find someone this way. But you might waste time interviewing people who aren’t a good fit or take a job elsewhere.

9 reasons to use ninesharp

  • Job-driven recruitment to find exactly the right person for you.
  • Contract roles filled in 24 hours, permanent roles filled in 48 hours.
  • Save time and money getting it right first time.
  • Protect your brand’s reputation during recruitment.
  • Efficient service from true professionals.
  • Intelligent, highly motivated consultants.
  • Specialists in your industry and geographical area.
  • One point of contact who does all your resourcing.
  • Proven 9-step process followed diligently.

Tell us what you need

How we find the right people, fast

Our job-driven approach focuses on finding exactly the person you need. Because, after all, you pay the bill. We market each role separately and follow the same rigorous 9-step process every time. It’s headhunting, but we don’t charge a fee upfront.

Best of all, we’re fast. If you take full advantage of our efficiency, it takes just 24 hours to fill a contract vacancy and 48 hours for a permanent role. We’ll agree interview times with you in advance. And make sure each candidate meets your expectations and is fully checked and briefed on the role. So if you like them, they’re ready to accept.

Protect your brand

While you’re busy recruiting, it’s easy to overlook the damage it could do to your reputation. But it’s something we never forget. Not only do we avoid you having to re-advertise roles by finding the right person first time, we manage the whole process very professionally. Potential candidates will feel reassured you’re recruiting for positive reasons and really do care about your people.

A stellar team

When it comes to our people, you’ll deal with just one consultant, and they’ll handle everything for you. They’re carefully handpicked to fit our culture, and we have specialists in each sector and geographical area.

Everyone is extremely driven, really switched on and thoroughly nice too. And everyone works relentlessly hard, and follows our proven processes to the letter, to make sure we keep our promises to you. In return, we’re all exceptionally well rewarded, trained and supported.

We’re not for everyone

Some people try to keep recruitment costs to a minimum. Some aren’t fully ready to employ. And others aren’t concerned about protecting their brand.

We’re right for you if you’ve decided what you’re looking for and want the reassurance you’ll find that person without wasting time or money. And without damaging your reputation.

All set? Shall we get started?

Use our hotline to fill contract roles in 24 hours and permanent positions in 48 hours.

Call 08000 835 875

Or just enter your details below. We’ll get back to you within 30 minutes and get to work straightaway. As long as you’re able to fit in with our efficient processes, we’ll hit the deadline.