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Need an IT expert with rare skills…by tomorrow? We’ve got it covered.

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We know that having an unfilled IT role can give you big problems - so we move quickly

And if it means working till midnight to find your new starter, we will.

With specialist recruiters covering every area of IT across the UK, we’ll give you a shortlist of vetted contractors within 24 hours. Or screened candidates for permanent roles within 48 hours.

No stone unturned. No drama.

If there’s only a handful of people with a certain skillset, we’ll already have built relationships with them so we know where they are. And with top-tier LinkedIn access, as well as our comprehensive database, there’s no IT person we can’t find. Whether you need a Project Manager in Bristol or a VMware Specialist for a permanent role on a rock near the Isle of Skye.

9 reasons to use ninesharp

  • Job-driven recruitment to find exactly the right person for you.
  • Contract roles filled in 24 hours, permanent roles filled in 48 hours.
  • Save time and money getting it right first time.
  • Protect your brand’s reputation during recruitment.
  • Efficient service from true professionals.
  • Intelligent, highly motivated consultants.
  • Specialists in your industry and geographical area.
  • One point of contact who does all your resourcing.
  • Proven 9-step process followed diligently.

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