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Take your dreams and double them. They’re here for the taking.

Breakfast in Paris. Skiing in Verbier. Weekend in New York. Range Rover, diamond cufflinks, Tom Ford suit. Top salary. High commission. Shares in the business. Sound good? The benefits of working at ninesharp, even during your first few months, can be life-changing. But we only employ a certain type.

Expect Excellence

It’s a given that we expect you to be hungry for a deal, work incredibly hard, follow our processes meticulously and get results

What’s really important though is that you’re a nice person with strong ethics. Someone who genuinely cares about achieving the very best for our clients, and treats everyone with the utmost respect.

Camaraderie’s high at ninesharp. We have fun while we work, and when one of us scores we all celebrate. But if a job comes in as we’re leaving, we all stay back and pitch in. It’s one of the reasons people stay with us so long.

Great support from day one

We’re very specific about how we do things because we know it gets results. You’ll always be clear on what’s expected of you, and you’ll get lots of training.

Here’s how your first few weeks could look.

Day 1

You’ll meet your mentor, a Senior Consultant, and the rest of the team and get settled in.

Week 1

You’ll shadow your mentor and get detailed training from our experts about every aspect of recruitment, and our job-driven approach in particular. You’ll also get a chance to get to know everyone better during after-work drinks.

Weeks 2-8

You’ll begin working alongside your mentor. Whichever office you’re based at, you’ll also spend time at our head office in Maidenhead during this period.

Week 9

If we feel you’re up to it, you’ll get your own specialist market to work in under your mentor’s supervision. Training hasn’t finished though – it’ll continue throughout your time at ninesharp.

Climb the ladder quickly

Perform, and your career progression at ninesharp has no limits.

You could move from Trainee Consultant to Senior Consultant and on to Team Leader in less than four years. Because it’s not about time served, it’s about your ability to succeed and inspire others to do the same. If you really shine, you’ll get a Director role with shares. And an incredibly healthy bank balance.

Think you’d fit in? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a line with your CV to Alison Keys at or use the form below.

9 reasons to apply to ninesharp

  • Incredible, achievable incentives.
  • Life-changing commission and salary.
  • Fast, unlimited career progression.
  • Opportunity to earn shares.
  • Fun, supportive team.
  • Inspiring leaders and mentors.
  • In-depth, on-going training.
  • Clear processes and expectations.
  • Great social life.

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